• Peranakan Beadwork on Vans Slip-Ons •

Growing up in a rather traditional Peranakan family, my parents and our culture played a huge part in all my creation.

I remember growing up watching my parents bead their Kasut Manik during the weekends and it would take them months or even years to complete a single pair.

My inspiration for this pair of beadwork Vans came when I chance upon a pair of Kasut Manik that was left half done by my dad from years ago. I was not sure if I could do it,but I had the fullest support from my parents. We gathered the supplies needed and my dad started to teach me how to sew my first pair of beadwork Vans. 

He passed on the Peranakan beadwork techniques of sewing and became my consultant when it comes to color combinations and ideas. When I completed it, I could feel how proud my parents were. Seeing their daughter picking up the skills and to have the passion for cultural handicraft work. 

This pair was done during the darkest period of the pandemic but amidst all, it brought out the best of me. Creating this pair of wearable art allowed me to spend quality time with my parents and brought the family together.

Peranakan shoes and costumes played a very huge role in my life as when ever I see them, it reminds me of my parents, my childhood and my heritage. Now that I am able to combine both heritage and streetwear together that I hold dearly close to my heart, I am able to wear something I love everyday.

Hopefully, what I am doing now will create a greater influence and awareness of Peranakan heritage to the younger generation. Hoping to preserving the Peranakan heritage in my own way and allows it to continue further down the generations.

·····················☺ Chloe ·