Hello, we are Singaporean couple who love fashion, streetwear and travelling. From years of excessive shopping, we found ourselves with a wardrobe full of discolored clothing. We love every piece of clothe we owned hence we decided to give them a "new life" by upcycling and tie dying them.

We believe that working on pre-existing garments is a sustainable and great way to save our environment from extensive waste.

Wearing tie dye apparels became our way to stand out from the crowd. To be fashionable yet different from others. Our clothing became a hit among our friends and family, that was how we started our first sale of tie dye t-shirts in 2019 at Culture Cartel. It was a sell out event and that is how DyeHeart was born.

At DyeHeart, we dare to be differentWe believe that customization is the way to go. This is where you pull yourself apart from the norm. We aim to work towards making Customization Uniquely ours by infusing the elements of tie dye and Peranakan beadwork into our Wearable Art.

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