Being born in a Peranakan Family has enriched my life in many ways, therefore to contribute and give back to this phenomenal culture, we decided to use our hands and skills to create something for all Peranakans, non-Peranakans, locals and foreigners who appreciate intricate wearable art.

pride ourselves with our traditional crafts and skills. They are beautiful but more often than not, very time consuming, difficult to learn, labour intensive and non-replaceable with any form of automated process thus making it impossible for mass production.

Spreading the beauty of Peranakan Culture to a wider spectrum of people uniquely our way.

We present to you our latest collection, 
"The Chuck Manik”.

The name derives from the combination of “Converse Chuck Taylor” and “Kasut Manik” which means Beaded Shoes in Malay.

In this collection, there are two pairs of sneakers named after famous districts in Singapore that is still heavily influenced with the Peranakan culture.


They are Everton & Emerald.


Each pair of the Chuck Manik is crafted with delicate love, requiring umpteen hours to complete.

Continuing our love for symbolism in Peranakan Culture using birds and flowers with a touch of embroidery as the border around it.

Creating footwear with a 
story to tell and a culture to share.




Beaded Humming Bird & Orange Gerbera Daisy patches with Green Batik Laces.

Humming Bird symbolizes the Enjoyment of Life, Healing and Good Luck while the Orange Gerbera Daisy represents Happiness, Joy and Friendship.

UGreen Batik Laces are chosen as they stand out from the background of the blue Humming Bird.  



Beaded Sparrow & Rose patches with Blue Batik Laces.

The Sparrow symbolizes Creativity, Freedom and Simplicity while the Rose represents Love, Gratitude and Passion.

The Blue Batik Laces stands out from the green back ground of the Sparrow.

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